Audio samples

With the mp3-player below you can listen to some examples of my songs and the songs of my bands.


The first two songs, "Sleep" and "There's silence", performed by myself, are my own compositions. In these tunes lead, backing vocals, violin and gitar are performed by myself.

The songs "Road Trip" and "For Aileen" of Aevericka are samples of their debut album. The arrangements have been written by Manon and Birgitte. The violin-melody has been added afterwards by me, when I joined the band. We discovered how our musical ideas were melting together on an amazing way......

The other Aevericka songs are samples of the new album of Aevericka called Oneiroi:
"Dreamcatcher" is an arrangement of us together. The two violin lines are improvisations of myself.
We wrote "Dream Incantation" together. The arrangements mix together automaticly. The hobo, played by Manon on synths, plays a duet with the violin.
"Icelus" is a composition of Manon. Together we arranged the violin-melody. Birgitte wrote the spoken words on the melody (not on the sample).
The song "Phobethor" has been written and sung by myself. Together with Manon en Birgitte we completed the song. You can listen to two samples of this song. In the first sample you will hear a peace of the singing part. The first line has been done by myself, Birgitte and Manon are singing the second and third line. In the second sample you will hear a peace of the violin-melody.

Layer by layer the Oneiroi-songs have been built up and carved till it was completed. We are very proud on this beautiful album. These are only a few samples. Please contact me if you want to know more about the whole album.....

"Not Only Human" by Doninga is a Heather Nova cover, the other two Doninga tunes are compositions of Donna Bastiaans. In these songs she sings the lead and plays gitar. The violinmelodies and second lines are arranged by myself.

Nicole Philoména
You can listen to a wonderful South American song "Los Niños de Nuestro Olvido", with Erwin Kandou on gitar and me playing on violin.