Making music was very important when I was young. When I was eight years old I started practising on a simple violin. During the first years my teacher was mr. van Pelt of Brielle. I did not enjoy it all the time, but gradually I started to love the music and this instrument.

During my stay at the High School for Music and Dance in Rotterdam I played in the Youth Orchestra of the Rotterdam Conservatory, directed by Joseph Schebal. With this orchestra we gave concerts on a regular base, even in Tsjechië and the U.S. I also played in the ensemble of the High School for Music and Dance, directed by Jacques van de Veerdonk. I took private lessons from Thijs Kramer and during the final years from András Cifra.

At the Rotterdam Conservatory I studied School music, with violin as principal subject, and guitar, piano and singing as subsidiary subjects. I did not finish my study at the conservatory, because during my practice year I noticed that teaching was not my strongest point. I wanted to practice my love for music in real life, in my own way and not according to the regular theories.

Since my 25th birthday I play in several bands. Together with Donna Bastiaans I make up the duo "Doninga". As guest player I cooperated in the first CD of the band "Aevericka". This has pleased them so well that I joined the band afterwards.

For a couple of years I did not touch the violin. I started to write my own songs, which I sang and played the guitar myself. After several years I picked up the violin again and started to play by the feel of it. In that way I was able to express my feelings more. This resulted in a free and relaxed way of playing, in which, until now, keep on to surprise myself and others as well. I no longer play from sheet music, but purely by hearing and feelings. I improvise and make up the melody with the songs myself. These discoveries are very exciting, and there is always a new road ahead of me to go.

I'm in to a lot of styles: I love the music of Heather Nova, but also Norah Jones, Alanis Morrisette, Tori Amos. And also more experimental music with a lot of influences from different cultures like Loreena Mc Kennitt and Dead can Dance, and ambiënt: Enigma......
There are so many styles I like. For example in rock music: Ayreon,The Gathering. I also appreciate classical music. Maxim Vengerov is a very good violinplayer with a lot of qualities.During my Highschool for Music and Dance, I have seen him playing once, "live" in a Masterclass under the guidance of Teo Olof , at the Rotterdam Conservatory.That was a great experience.

I have an acoustic 100 year-old violin. This one is really a part of me. My parents gave it to me when I was a little girl. I have also a newer one. This one is like an old sigarbox, for playing on the street. And I have also an electric violin, a Yamaha, my husband gave me. For this violin I have a distortion-pedal with several effects (Korg). I use it in ambiënt, dance, but also rock.

Aside from the music I am very interested in other cultures, mainly Oriental and African. Until now I had to restrict myself to read about these cultures and practise yoga. In the future I hope to visit the Far East ( Thailand, India, Indonesia, etc.) and a number of African countries.

I also like cats. We have 1 cat, his name is Joris.



I have two sons, Thorin en Glendan. They are very important for me.