Since 2004 Donna Bastiaans and I make up the duo "Doninga". "Doninga" is a compilation of Donna and Inge. We play and sing covers of well known and lesser known artists, like The Gathering, Heather Nova and Tori Amos. Our style can be described as alternative pop music with an intimate folk sound.

Donna Bastiaans is singer and guitar player. I play the violin and sing the second line of which I make up and improvise the melodies. In some songs I sing the lead and Donna sings the second line. This way we bring much variety and attractive shows.

Regularly we appear on stage in pubs, at Street and Folk Festivals, Singer-songwriter concerts and during several other occasions. Now and then we perform with one or more guest musicians, like other female singers and percussionists.

Our repertoire is very suitable for meetings, receptions, expositions, weddings and parties but also for funerals. We play both acoustisch and reinforces. If you want more information please contact me.

Please, check the agenda for an overview of our future shows.

You can find more about us in “Audio”. Also listen to some of our songs.