AQunst Jeannette Quakkelaar is an original and unique Dutch artist. Regularly there will be organized exposititions in her studio in Zwijndrecht. On her website you will find more about Jeannette and her artwork.

John Geven
On this site are photos of John Geven included. I am so happy with these photos that I decided to make a link to his site.

Soundclick At the site of Soundclick I present myself on a different way. Please visit my page and vote my song (after free registration).

Startkabel This is the start page for everything that has to do with the violin.

Manon Elmendorp My sister Manon (graduated to the Willem the Kooning academy in Rotterdam) paints and devises in her own style, for which she obtains her inspiration from several cultures such as aboriginal dot-art, indonesian batik, Maori art etc, the most splendid paintings and beelden. In her workshop studio you can find work of her. Take a look on her site, it is really worth it!